An Interview Session with Lekan Osundina
Lekan Osundina holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Literature from Obafemi Awolowo University. Currently, he is the CEO of Grafiti Creations, a photography firm. In this brief interview, he shares his ideas, dreams and aspirations on photography. Enjoy:

Nurudeen Lawal is my name. I manage ArtsnSociety publishes/promotes African arts (both written and audio-visual).
Artsnsociety: Good evening. Can you briefly introduce yourself: your name and your location?
Lekan Osundina: Ok! I’m Lekan Osundina and currently live in Osogbo
Artsnsociety: Can you tell us briefly who you are and what you do?
Lekan Osundina: Well, I am a graduate of Literature in English from Obafemi Awolowo University. I’m a photographer who enjoys shooting people as well as taking stock photos. I’m an example of what people basically call portrait and event photographer.
Artsnsociety: What are your favourite works? Can you briefly describe and share them?
Lekan Osundina: As a photographer, I come across series of things every day and most of my favourite shots come from exposures I take on the street. I’m not much of a street photographer, but images from the outside captivate me more than events photographs…
 for instance, these school pupils, till today, I’m still unable to decipher what they saw that caused their reaction:

Also, I was photographing the beautiful combination of the sunset garnished with a blue sky and a man started posing for me….so I decided to make the image a silhouette:

OAU Campus

Artsnsociety: Do you have any photography project you are working on at the moment?
Lekan Osundina: Everything I have lined up for now are basically events, no other projects.
Artsnsociety: What are your goals for the future?
Lekan Osundina: Well, God willing, I want to become one of the brightest names in photography. Apart from raising my beautiful family, I also want to help get kids out of the streets because I want to help stay and help in rebuilding this country for the most part of my life. Photography in one way is art, in another way, it’s one of the essential tools for media, and I have a passion in me to also allow my photography to reshape our whole concept of media in Nigeria.
Artsnsociety: What would people be surprised to learn from you and your work?
Lekan Osundina: Well, people may be surprised that about 85% of my photos are unedited…I love to achieve almost everything in-camera. But then, one very strange thing I do that someone recently told me (and it counts as a hobby) is that I observe what the sky looks like by seasons. It helps my photography.
Artsnsociety: Do you admire any photographer?
Lekan Osundina: Yes. The photographer I admire most is Karl Taylor, followed by Perfect Lenz…
Artsnsociety: Do you have any favourite photography blog?
Lekan Osundina: The photography blog I love most is
Artsnsociety: Anything you do when you are not shooting?
Lekan Osundina: Ok! I play and watch football, read some books….various subjects/topics. Science, geography, history, politics, photography…but I love history books more especially Yoruba and American history. I also talk…you know, discuss with friends various things.
Artsnsociety: Where else can we found you?
Lekan Osundina: LinkedIn: Lekan Osundina, Facebook: Lekan Osundina, Instagram and twitter: @lekanosundina
Artsnsociety: Give us your parting words or favourite quote
Lekan Osundina: Well, I’ll leave you with my favourite quote from my father that goes thus: ‘Find a job you love, and you’ll never have to work a day’
Artsnsociety: Thanks for giving us your time.
Lekan Osundina: You’re welcome.
Note: Check Lekan Osundina's Instagram page for more creative shots

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